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An Incognito Mode of Google Maps May Be Coming Soon


In its I/O event held on May 2019, Google has unveiled about the coming of an Incognito mode for its widely used Google Maps service.

However, after waiting for months on end the feature may soon be coming to Google Maps from the search engine giant. An Incognito mode makes all the activity of the user private and hidden, a very useful feature in an age of growing privacy concerns with all kinds of tech apps/services.

Incognito mode has now become a must feature with all kinds of web browsers today. Since it has become known that online apps and services track users web surfing activity, out of which an altogether new industry has emerged, users have become more privacy-conscious and demand features which protects their identity and precious information. Considering the recent privacy scandals in the technology world and legal amendments to address privacy concerns, Google may now be bringing its Incognito mode for Google Maps soon than expected.

This rapid rolling out of Incognito mode has reportedly been associated with some of the anonymous Google Maps Preview Test members. Also, in a test preview which was previewed online to media, a black bar on top of Google Maps app is the sign of it being run in Incognito mode.

When the mode is turned on no user data will be collected/saved in the user’s Google account history or with the service itself. UX will be in gray background in the Incognito mode as well as the blue marker will also become grey. For now, the feature is in beta mode and is available only in Android version 10.26. But in the next few days, Google will start to roll out the feature in full version to Google’s userbase.

Source Link: https://www.slashgear.com/google-maps-incognito-mode-may-finally-be-rolling-out-really-soon-now-19592194/


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