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An Android Flaw Exposes A Billion Users to Phishing Attacks


A new report by Check Point Research on the alleged security holes on Android has confirmed that indeed there is need to worry. The researchers warn that over a billion smartphones that use Android as their Operating System are vulnerable to phishing attack.

The company highlights that the software flaw is spread across different brands, including Samsung, Sony Huawei, and LG. Personal information has been a great area of cybersecurity concern and that with the current state, hackers can easily snoop into Android-powered phones and siphon private data.

Already there are cases of users who have complained about stolen email addresses and passwords and the trend is expected to skyrocket if the problem would not be fixed soon.

In precise, the flaw opens a window to hackers; that through counterfeiting the SMS prompt that is meant to help network operators install certain important network settings on new phones, they can lure users into consenting to surrender their personal information.

What is feared is that the flaw is so obvious that cybercriminals don’t have to struggle to get into a person’s phone. With a simple hard to decipher malicious SMS behind a ‘network settings update’ text that instructs you to accepted or open the message, you are already sold.

In fact, the researchers say anyone can easily tap into an Android cellular network, and that users don’t have to be connected to the internet or WI-FI to receive the SMS into their phone, which makes things more worrisome.

According to CPR, phones which don’t have a software authenticity check are the most vulnerable and their finding they list Samsung phones as the riskiest.

Although users still have to decide to install or discard ‘the setting update SMS’ the need for reliable means to examine the sender cannot be replaced.

Source Link: https://www.techradar.com/news/over-a-billion-android-phones-vulnerable-to-phishing-attack


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