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Among the World’s Top-50 Universities, More Than Half Offers Crypto Courses


It’s no secret that the scientific interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been growing, especially among young audiences. Well, according to a study published by Coinbase, among the 50 best universities in the world, 56% of them teach courses on blockchain or cryptocurrency technology. This represents an increase over last year, whose figure was 42%.

On the other hand, Qriously Coinbase proceeded to interview 735 students aged 16 years or older. As a result, it discovered that 34% of students are interested in courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which represents a 6% increase over the figure obtained last year in a Coinbase study.

One aspect that draws attention is the percentage of cryptocurrency courses that aren’t related to computer science. According to the study, 70% of the courses cover other areas, such as financial, economic, legal or applied sciences.

Another important figure is the amount of student groups related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology; 41 of the 50 universities included in the study have these groups.

Regarding the results obtained, Coinbase said:

“This growing interest in studying cryptocurrencies in colleges and universities speaks about the future of money.”

Source Link: https://thecryptocurrencypost.net/more-than-half-of-the-worlds-leading-universities-teach-cryptocurrency-courses/

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