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AMD Renoir Might Become the First Next-Gen APU to Support LPDDR4X Ram


In what is supposed to be major breaking news and breakthrough for AMD fans, a recent series of Linux-based driver patches from the renowned computing hardware manufacturer has hinted support for LPDDR4X – 4266 memory modules. This prediction is geared towards the AMD’s new-generation APUs, the codename AMD Renoir. AMD Renoir series is also the mainstream Accelerated Processing Unit’s (APU) for 64-bit desktop and mobile devices by the tech giant. The specialty of AMD’s specific APU architecture is that it has built-in Radeon accelerated graphics processing unit – the company’s hallmark graphics hardware and second-best after Nvidia.

With AMD’s APU architecture, RAM plays a vital role in the overall performance of the processor unit. And by enabling support to a faster RAM module, AMD’s Renoir series APU’s will definitely render superior chip performance, and especially the graphics unit for gaming purposes.

In the battlefield of computing processing units, AMD has always found itself a step behind the globally leading Intel Corp – the de facto company when it comes to CPU’s. While AMD’s Picasso U and H Series APU’s does provide support for DDR4 – 2400 memory, but it is again undermined by Intel’s Ice Lake laptop processors which supports a handsome DDR4-3200 and LPDDR4-3733 memory technologies, respectively.

But if the AMD Renoir APU really enable the support for LPDDR4 – 4266 memory modules, this will might be the game-changer for AMD processors and possibly a huge upset for Intel, since the authority of the latter will be challenged. The initial LPDDR4 module was launched in 2014 and has a maximum overclocking of 3,200 MHz, but three-year heads on and out came the newly boosted speed of 4,266 MHz in LPDDR4 RAM technology – the latest elite memory module currently.

AMD has never made a processor before that has the capability t support LPDDR4 type, but with AMD Renoir, things might turn in favor of AMD. AMD Renoir APU’s are predicted to arrive in 2020, and they will replace the existing Picasso series. So, if you are an AMD fan, be ready to embrace the all-powerful AMD Renoir soon!

Source Link: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-renoir-apus-lpddr4x-4266-memory,40284.html


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