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Amazon is going to introduce its new payment option which is called PayCode to the US which brings it to 15,000 Western Union locations.
Amazon is introducing its PayCode as another way for its users to buy online using cash instead of a debit or credit card. By introducing the Amazon Cash two years ago by Amazon, users were able to load money into their Amazon accounts by going to a store like CVS or Sheetz.
By using this payment option, buyers instead load up their carts, select PayCode at checkout, then pay at a Western Union. The goods will be shipped only after the payment is made. The biggest advantage of PayCode against Amazon Cash is that users won’t have to maintain a balance on Amazon to use it.

Amazon Cash and PayCode are part of Amazon’s push to develop its user base by making its site more accessible to users that may not have a bank account or plastic, such as younger or lower-income shoppers. This decision will help Amazon compete against Walmart, which caters to many of its services to lower-income shoppers.

Amazon mentioned that these services aren’t aimed at any specific customer base and instead provide people with another payment option.
Amazon Cash and PayCode are also among a handful of services the company uses to partner with brick-and-mortar retailers as Amazon doesn’t have many stores of its own. These services include Amazon delivery lockers and return drop-offs at Kohl’s department stores.

Currently, Amazon has already provided PayCode in 19 other countries, and this company is now working over the next few weeks to provide this service to 15,000 Western Union locations in the US. Last month, Amazon started bringing Amazon Cash to those locations to help to bring the total number of Amazon Cash locations to 100,000 nationwide.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/amazon-now-offers-more-ways-for-you-to-pay-in-cash/


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