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Amazon Launched New Fire TV Cube at IFA Tech Show Berlin 2019


Amazon has launched the new version of its streaming hardware: The Amazon Fire TV Cube. The all-new innovative live-streaming Amazon Fire TV, in a cutting-edge cube design, was launched in the recent IFA tech show held at Berlin, Germany. With the new launch comes another groundbreaking announcement by Amazon about its partnership with JVC in which the former has joined forces with the latter to bring the Fire TV SaaS module to new TV generation – no hardware required! The Amazon’s Fire TV Cube module has been rumored for a while and it is one of the most premium Amazon hardware to date, starting at $119,99 per set. The Amazon Fire TV Cube will start shipping in October this year; it comes with a Hexa-core processor, supports Dolby vision, and the hardware is capable of streaming content in both UHD and 4K formats.

Additionally, Amazon Fire Cube TV is among the handful of streaming TV hardware devices that supports far-field voice recognition, enabling a user to ask/instruct built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant to accomplish the said tasks. This feature is not found in other Alexa devices by Amazon so that makes Fire TV Cube a device worth noticing by Amazon users.

“We believe voice is the most natural user interface and will fundamentally change the way people interact with technology. “Amazon Fire TV Cube uses the Alexa voice service, which will make it easier for customers to control their entertainment experience,” said Eric Saarnio, Head of Amazon Devices EU.

Apart from the TV Cube’s amazing native features, the additional voice-assistance by Alexa surely gives the hardware an edge over all other competitors, at least in the EU market where Amazon is launching its Fire TV Cube this year. Amazon has also claimed that it has made the Alexa assistant more comfortable and easy-to-instruct in the TV Cube: if you say “Alexa, watch Avengers Endgame on Netflix” the online assistant will start to play it.

Also, Amazon’s partnership with JVC has somehow clarified the future prospectus of the Fire TV streaming device, that is, the TV hardware industry to be specific. If one genuinely evaluates the last two decades or so, one can sincerely remark that Amazon – a backyard bookseller – is slowly taking over the world, from the bookshelves to living rooms one by one.

Source Link: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/news/digital-home/amazon-fire-tv-cube-fire-tv-edition-soundbar-3701852/

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