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Alex Ovechkin has Worked to be Leaner and Quicker While With the Washington Capitals


Alex Ovechkin is going to his 14th NHL season. The Washington Capitals Captain will be 34 years old when the season starts. He has been to summer training to ensure that he remains leaner and quicker as the league’s demands speed in game and quickness. His future with the NHL is however still unknown.

Ovechkin was named the 2018 MVP for leading Capitals to Stanley Cup plays. His physicality make him one of the NHL standout with the modern trending which require speed and skill. These qualities has made Ovechkin the best goal-scorer of this generation.

He is the 12th goal scorer of all-time with 658 goals. There is a possibility that he will reach Wayne Gretzky record of 894 if he retains his current scoring trend. It would take Ovechkin six years to attain Gretzky record, but he isn’t ready to take anything more than two years remaining in his current contract.

On Friday, during the NHL/NHLPA preseason player media tour, Ovechkin said that he want to play until he can’t play any further. Despite his age, Ovechkin is showing no sign of slowing. Last season, he scored 51 goals and became the oldest player to reach 50 goals mark in recent history.

July next year, Ovechkin may negotiate a contract extension with Capitals, the same situation with Nicklas Backstrom and Braden Holtby. However, Ovechkin seems not to care about the extension. He has a second option, to go back to Russia just like Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk and play in KHL.

If Ovechkin go on with his current level, it is certain by the end of the season he will get to 700 plus goals. Then by the end of the next season, he can have a shot on Gretzky 894 goals mark.

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