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Alaska’s Fire Dept. to Benefit from Thermo-Sensing Technology


The fire department in Alaska is expected to benefit from new technology that will help firefighters perform their duties efficiently.

The fire department installed thermos-sensing cameras that are expected to help the firefighters locate, sift through and keep watch over wildfires, according to officials.

The thermo-sensing camera, which looks like an ordinary security camera, will help the Anchorage fire department respond to fire emergencies quickly by indicating the exact location, the fire department said this past Friday.

The camera is worth $12000 in the second one to be installed. Chris Northcut, a former fire respondent, volunteered his rooftop and allowed the fire department to install the second camera. The camera was installed by the present of integrated robotics imaging gratis.

The system is designed to monitor and detect persistent heat sources, those that grow in size with time, those that with time and those that have the elements of fire. If this new system works as expected, firefighters will be able to tell where a fire incidence is accurate.

In the past, fire respondents have had a hard time finding fires since those who report the incidents are not able to locate the exact place.

There have been many fire incidents south and north of Anchorage with close to 50 homes and many miles burnt. The village corporation of Cordova and the Eyak Corporation are funding this project.

Source Link: https://www.avpress.com/business/technology-to-assist-alaska-fire-dept/article_865f0e58-cd23-11e9-a149-eb76920e6aff.html

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