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Airbus Launches In-flight Tests on Connected Cabin Technologies


Airbus has begun in-flight tests on connected cabin technology in their A350-900 class aircrafts. If successful, the company is planning to reveal this new technology and then roll it out in all their aircrafts.

If it manages to nail this technology, Airbus will be the only company to have connected cabin innovation. The new platform, also referred to as Airspace Connected Experience, was launched during the APEX Expo in 2018.

Airbus is planning to usher in a personalised customer experience for its passengers and create an opportunity for it to improve its operational efficiency and revenue.

Its flight lab is among the first few certification in flight test planes. It is fitted with a cabin that currently functions as lab for evaluation of the new technology.

To that end, and in collaboration with its cabin partners, Airbus has installed the first few functional elements. They include the prototypes iSeat, a gategroup, wireless management system, an OLED display unit and, most importantly, an IoT backbone that runs on open platform. This entire tech is currently under trial together with a few other that Airbus plans to reveal later.

This upgrade in Airbus’ technology is geared towards value addition and to provide customers, crews and airlines with a unique experience. Now, passenger will have the opportunity personalize their travel experience. For instance, you now be able to order a specific meal, book a private space, set you sit to your preferred position with the help of IoT.

Airlines that operate these aircrafts will be able to boost their revenues through a personalized advertisement, retail and new customer services. The new platform will also benefit crewmembers. They will have better working conditions and resourceful tools with real time data streams via the IoT system in the cabin.

The tests are part of the company’s customer centred strategy, which started with a number of workshops meant to prioritise and generate innovative tools and systems. This phase was followed by an extensive period of testing and evaluation of the connected system.

Subsequent tests on this system in Airbus’ in-flight lab will is meant to ensure that this technology is integrated into their aircrafts successfully. The testing phase will allow airbus to monitor the various function of the new technology in flight under a normal operating environment. Airbus’ focus is to monitor point-to-point data exchange within this system.

Source Link: https://www.adsadvance.co.uk/airbus-commences-in-flight-trials-of-connected-cabin-technologies.html

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