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Airbond Unveils New Splicing Technology


Airbond, a fiber splicing and applications specialist, is celebrating its second Queen’s Award it was conferred for innovation. This is the United Kingdom’s highest award given to successful businesses. The company won this award for its new revolutionary splicing technology.

The company is planning to introduce a number of splicing applications in the upcoming Advanced Engineering Show. This will take place between the 30th and 31st of October. The venue will be in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The key products that will be featured include model 302, which is a fixed position splicer as well as model 307, their new twin chambered splicer. The latter is a splicer for high strength splices and is expected to achieve 4800 tex counts.

The former can provider 9000 tex yarn counts. It works by providing manufacturers with the capacity to re-work partially used yarn bobbins, joining each to the other until complete bobbins form. Fully formed bobbins are used to make other products. They are ideal in cases where waste savings and cost are crucial, especially in lower quality splicing applications, according to Airbond.

Model 307 features improved and new design, which is ideal in a factory setting. It was developed as a replacement for older models. The company has spent quite a lot in research, development and patenting, which is why they have been able to deliver this much-needed technology. It will improve the operating cost involved in the composites industry.

In the last few years, companies were using compressed air to splice glass or carbon fiber. This method causes the fiber to turn into dust because some materials used in the composites industry are brittle.

Airbond’s research has led to the development machines that can splice materials. Not they are nearly the only ones manufacturing pneumatic splicers for a variety of tow and yarn applications in composite processing.

Source Link: https://www.insidecomposites.com/airbond-launches-range-of-new-splicing-technology/

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