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After Months Of Negotiations Nintendo Switch Lite Is Now At $200

In July, the Nintendo Switch Lite was introduced as a smaller, lighter and less pricey alternative to the standard Nintendo Switch system. The new console offers more battery life, however ditches docked mode and the removable Joy-Cons.

Nevertheless, reducing the Nintendo Switch Lite’s price to $100 less than the $300 price of the standard Nintendo Switch console, was not a simple task.

The Wall Street Journal was informed by several component supplies that Nintendo was aggressive in finding parts for the Nintendo Switch Lite, to make sure that it could sell the console for $200. It was reveled by an executive of an unnamed supplier that there was long negotiations with Nintendo over the price of a major component.

As part of its efforts to reduce costs with the goal to capture the low end of the market, Nintendo also negotiated with Murata Manufacturing to make them its new battery supplier. The Wall Street Journal was informed by a source that Nintendo expects to benefit from even lower prices by enhancing competition between Murata and TDK Corp., the company’s main battery supplier.

According to reports, Nintendo was even trying to reduce the Nintendo Switch Lite to below $200, however, apparently, that wasn’t possible.
The Nintendo Switch hopes to continue the console’s momentum as it reaches its third holiday season since its launch in March 2017. It is still early to predict, however, the new version of the portable console seems like it will be a winner.

Digital Trends gaming editor Felicia Miranda said in her Nintendo Switch Lite hands-on review, that it is the better handheld compared with the standard version of the console, thanks to the more ergonomic design and a standard D-pad rather than the four separate directional buttons in the Joy-Cons.

The Nintendo Switch has the unique feature to function both as a home console and a portable system, creating its place in the video game industry besides the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, it is a blessing for those who want to use the device on the go, and Nintendo tried its best to make it affordable.

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/nintendo-switch-lite-price-negotiations/


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