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Advocates Call for New Technology to Stop Hot Car Deaths


Due to the rise of hot car incidences, more carmakers are taking it upon themselves to install technology that will notify drivers if a child is left in the rare passenger seat. However, advocates think more needs to be done.

Rather, these advocates expect congress to pass additional legislation that will force carmakers to install rare seat monitors in all American cars. This comes in the wake of roughly 53 deaths involving children. These kids died last year of heatstroke after their guardians forgot them in the back seat. This year 26 such incidences were reported.

Carmakers Nissan and GM have begun to provide these safety features as standard in all their cars. This technology will remind car owners to check backseats before exiting the car.

Close to 50 family members and parents of children who succumbed to hot cars death sent letters the CEO of GM asking him to add this technology. However, this new technology is not able to differentiate between a box of goodies and a child. At the worst, this new technology might give parents false confidence.

The technology comes with a door-sequencing feature that lets car owners believe they are fully protected and that an alert will be sent when they reach their destination. Unfortunately, this will not happen every time.

Kidsandcars.org believes that close to a third of all deaths occur when a child enters into a car unnoticed. Often, they end up being trapped in the car. For this reason, advocates and parents want carmakers to include motion-sensing technology like the one in Kia and Hyundai SUVs.

Some carmakers like Toyota and Ford have not integrated door-sequencing technology in their cars. Kidsandcars.org encourage those who wish to offer help to get in touch with senators and representatives to help make the Hot Car Act into law.

Source Link: https://www.ktbs.com/news/advocates-push-for-new-technology-to-avoid-hot-car-deaths/article_106cb0be-c5c2-11e9-9c31-efc4bb854da0.html

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