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Advantages of not having a car?


Nowadays, especially if you are living in a modern first-world City, you may not need to have a car as the public system may allow you to live a good life without needing to own one of your own. Many people choose to not have a car because they see plenty of advantages in not owning one. The following are some of the advantages which can come without owning a car.

1. Less stress. Meeting in accidents and paying for repairs and servicing are not cheap. This can contribute to high stress levels for yourself.

2. You can become more environmentally friendly. If you are someone who wants to reduce your carbon footprint, not owning a car will certainly help.

3. Reduced bills. Owning a car comes with not only repair, fuel and maintenance costs but also insurance costs and other hidden costs such as paying for parking etc. If you are looking to reduce your expenditure, not buying a car or selling your vehicle may certainly help.

4. You can have improved health. Many people avoid working because having a car makes them lazy and they opt to drive to even nearby locations. If you do not have a car, you are likely to use public transport and this will involve walking to nearby pick-up points. This can help to improve your health.

5. More improved social habits. Having a car can lead to loneliness as it reduces the amount of social interactions which you have with others. Car pooling which is a useful option if you do not have a car means that you will be building connections with and socializing with other people more regularly.

6. Becoming more street smart. People who do not own cars generally are more street smart than those who do and are also more familiar with their surroundings.

Source Link: https://www.nizacars.com/en/blog-detail/32/advantages-of-not-having-a-car


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