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Advanced Handling Systems Rolls Out Skypod Technology in America


Advanced Handling Systems (AHS), a company that provides integrated distribution, fulfillment and robotics solutions, is collaborating with French-based Exotec Solutions to launch and run mobile robotics solution dubbed Skypod systems.

Exotec solutions, a company founded by Renaud Heitz and Romain Moulin four years ago, is world renown for their robotics solutions. They have developed incredible solutions for e-commerce and the retail industry. They use 3-dimension robotics (Skypod) to move goods from storage to collection operators.

Skypod, the first of its kind to employ 3-dimensional technology, uses robots that can move in 3 dimensions. The bots feature laser scanning technology and artificial intelligence to navigate multi-directionally. They can carry more than 30 kg, which creates even more time for warehouse operators to pack and ship goods. They are able to avoid long-distance movements to reach inventory.

The new system is the answer to a problem that Exotec has been dealing with since its creation in 2015. Consumers want high intensity and performance systems that they can modify to suit their growth needs. With AHS’ experience and Exotec’s technology, collaboration is one thing the U.S needs in order to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Exotec has developed a revolutionary technology that is also scalable with regards to goods-to-person needs. There are plenty of solutions available today, but none of them works like Exotec’s. The company is very excited with this latest technology and they hope it will be a game-changer for a long time.

Source Link: https://www.mmh.com/article/ahs_introduces_skypod_technology_in_the_u.s

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