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Advanced Anchor Text Strategies to Improve Your Site Linking

The optimization of Anchor Text is one of the most important strands in the search engine ranking. The Anchor Text alludes to a phrase or a word with the insertion of link in them. As everyone knows, links play the life force of SEO. The more standard and quality links your website receives, the targeted keywords of your website get the relevant signals.

One can say it does not benefit the black hat and the spammy links SEO strategies. Instead, it causes more harm to your website. Hence it is wise and smart to apply the best practices and recruit anchor text optimization strategies with a twist of creativity. This is the way, it will surely guarantee and lead your efforts for success.

Link Building is a must to achieve success in search engine optimization. Also while learning link building, one will know the importance of anchor texts. While there are many categories of Anchor Text, let’s look at some that one may apply.

  • Branded Anchor Text – This type refers to the attachment of your brand or name in it.
  • Naked URL – It is the clickable link that points to the actual URL.
  • Website Name – This type calls for the website name that it is linking to.
  • Blog or Page Title – It specifies the name of the post or the blog that is being linked to.
  • Targeted Keywords – The keyword is optimized that is wished to be ranked.
  • Image – The anchor text can be served as an image also. The link can be visited by just clicking the image.
  • Generic – It is placed in a place where it will attract and call out the user such as the read here, visit here, click this and more.

The competition is high on the e-commerce website. So, one must be alert and smart enough to optimize anchor text that would not only increase search engine ranking but also would increase the website reputation. The trends are changing regularly and one must always be up to date to keep your online marketing in the front line. They must be fast to adapt to changes.

AL must be considered when developing a strategy for Anchor Text

AL – Artificial Intelligence has greatly affected how the interrogation should be done and analyzation on search engines. To gain success, it must be contented for faster AL fetching and scheming. Voice queries must also be considered and must be optimized with the keyword and anchor text to match accordingly.

Over Optimization must be refrained

Over Optimizations may lead you to penalty, as stated by Google. This strategy must be avoided because only the quality content and pages are focused by the Google algorithms. When you apply the over-optimization technique on your anchor text, it will lead to back link’s dull manipulation.

Be alert with the associated links on your anchor text

The developing of anchor text does not solely depend only on Keywords. The link that points the anchor text is also very important. And the deeper link is the most powerful technique in using the anchor text. In other words, it should lead to a deeper and inner page and not just the main or home page. This will seem to be relevant and natural to the content.

The approach to keyword research must be revolutionized

The soul and heart of anchor text strategy are the Keywords. The approach must be revolutionized and re-evaluated. To gain a higher level of success, latent semantic indexing (LSI) must be used. It will keep the content real and natural and also will be ranked higher in the keyword variations.

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