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Abu Dhabi Launches Interactive Digital Map for Real Estate Investors

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Abu Dhabi’s department of urban planning has unveiled a digital map that will make it easy for real estate investors to locate and identify land use areas that can be developed within Abu Dhabi.

This digital tool, dubbed my land, provides investors with a well-detailed map with live data with addresses, land use and locations of facilities in the surrounding areas.

The new tool outlines commercial, residential, industrial, investment as well as agricultural plots. An investor will have an idea of how to access these properties and their respective locations. The main aim of this technology is to support investors and encourage growth in real estate.

The implementation of this new tool will help to improve data transparency, meet the needs of planning and even integrated information that will be beneficial to investors according to Al Khadar Al Ahmed, executive director, strategic affairs sector at the department of urban planning.

Together, all these benefits will encourage economic growth and give Abu Dhabi a competitive edge. This new platform is part of a series of initiatives organized to the objectives of the Ghadan initiatives.

In 2018, Abu Dhabi launched a Dh 50 billion stimulus meant to help the economy grow even further. It is expected that this new move will affect the real estate positively, according to analysts, and will work with measures like 100 percent land ownership and long-term visa for foreigners.

Abu Dhabi is already reaping profits from its economic initiatives. For instance, the first 6 months have seen Abu Dhabi earn close to Dh 31 billion from more than 10000 transactions in the real estate sector according to the department of urban planning.

Source Link: https://www.thenational.ae/business/abu-dhabi-rolls-out-interactive-digital-map-for-real-estate-investors-1.905492

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