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About A Boy Movie Review


There is perhaps no other movie in which Hugh Grant is as charming as in “About A Boy”. In the movie, Grant plays Will, a 38-year-old bachelor who has never had a long-term job or relationship. He appears to be content with his life. It seems as though the aim of his life was to date pretty girls.

In 1958, his father wrote a song called “Santa’s Super Sleigh,” and he appears to be satisfied by living off the royalties. Will starts dating single mothers as he thinks that they will bring less drama than dating women without children. This initially ends up backfiring but in the end, it turns out to be his salvation. He dates a single mother named Suzie who he meets at a Support group named Single Parents, Alone Together (SPAT) and her friend Fiona’s son Marcus comes into Will’s life.

Marcus is round-faces and sad-eyed and is picked on by kids in the school playground. Marcus’s mother suffers from depression which makes him mature beyond his years.

The heart of the movie involves the relationship between Will and Marcus. Marcus even tried fixing up Fiona with Will but it does not work. To his horror, Will finds that authentic feelings are forming. The movie was directed by the Weitz brothers- Paul and Chris who also directed American Pie. Grant shows in this movie that he is a resource as well as a star.

Source Link: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/about-a-boy-2002


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