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A Survey by Steam Shows Windows 10 & AMD CPU Adoption on The Rise


A recent survey taken by the famous subscription-based gaming platform Steam has shown some welcoming results for the makers of Windows OS and the Advanced Micro Devices Inc.: Both Windows 10 and AMD CPU’s are gradually making their way into the hearts of the gamers community globally. The report titled as Steam Hardware & Software Survey: August 2019 has listed a substantial rise in the adoption of both Windows 10 and AMD CPU’s as the preferred software/hardware combination for gaming in 2019.

According to the details given in the highly-esteemed report in the gaming world, Windows 10 OS has listed almost 73.03% adoption rate among Steam’s gaming community, which includes millions of premium and avid gamers from around the world. It is almost 1.46% upward trend in Windows 10 adoption, as the report further states. Additionally, AMD has obtained a good 19.2% share of the CPU hardware market in the gaming arena; Intel processors are beginning to dwindle at this stage yet still maintenance their dominance, though. Furthermore, the most preferred graphics adaptor for gamers is Nvidia GTX 1060; preferred memory is at least 8GB, CPU speeds at 3.3 to 3.69 GHz, video card memory at least 4GB, and 1TB of hardware.

Coming back to the focal point of this narrative, the rise in the adoption of AMD CPUs and Windows 10 OS has to do with the recent major upgrades being brought on by both these respective makers: Windows 10 all-new feature update of version 1903 is already becoming popular throughout Windows PC/mobile users. Two things have been specifically famous about the latest Windows 10 major update, its robust security features, and better software capabilities. For AMD, the all-new AMD Renoir APU’s has introduced support for LPDDR4-4200 memory module, a ten-times more powerful RAM support for motherboard hardware then the Intel’s, has suddenly disrupted the undisputed reign of Intel in the CPU kingdom. Surely, both major upgrades, in one way or another, has started to disrupt the technology trends in the computer world, as we know it thus far.

Source Link: https://mspoweruser.com/steam-hardware-survey-shows-an-increase-in-adoption-of-windows-10-and-amd-cpus/


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