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A New AI Software Can Detect & Delete Nude Pictures Before They Land in Your Inbox


A team of a researcher & developer has made a new AI-powered software that can be able to detect completely nude and explicit pictures and delete them as well before they can get into your inbox. The project was started by a Seattle-based developer Kelsey Bressler, who claims to be motivated for the cause when an uninvited picture of a man’s genitals landed in her social media inbox. Because of this incident, Ms.

Bressler decided to land help to another fellow collogue who is a researcher at Seattle University in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI).

“When you receive a photo unsolicited it feels disrespectful and violating,” Ms. Bressler told the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) in a statement. To check the efficiency of her newly developed AI system for flagging unsolicited nude pictures, she and her team have opened a new Twitter account inviting men to send their nude pics to it. The Twitter inbox was named as “send nudes for science,” which is now closed due to massive number men volunteers who sent pics to the account.

Ms. Bressler has claimed, “huge success” of her initial test run of the system. However, it was not without its quota of glitches as well: A picture of a man’s penis covered with glitter and a one wearing a cage over genitals, along with several other of such types, succeeded in tricking the AI software to allow the pictures to go. However, the system is still under-development, and so, it is expected to get better by the time the final product is ready to use.

According to Ms. Bressler, social media companies are not so interested in stopping the new wave of unwanted sexual behavior, a kind of digital sexual harassment, in which women are targeted by mentally-ill or perverted men with nude pictures of themselves. Due to this reason, she has stated that once her project is finished, she is always ready to share her research with any social media who would like to apply the filter for this kind of profanity and indecent behavior.

Source Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49611951


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