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A Look At Apple Watch Series 5


At this point, the Apple Watch is the most liked Watch in the world and not only among smartwatches. Although it trails behind competitors in some common features, it also offers a lot which other smartwatches don’t. Apple is introducing one of the major missing features, an always-on display, to the Apple Watch series 5, that the company uncovered during an event at its HQ earlier today.

The real attraction of the Apple Watch series 5 show is undoubtedly, watchOS 6, which is a remarkable update that integrates an on-device app store, new apps, plenty of new watch face customization and functionality options and more.

The compass app, new to watchOS 6 but also unique to this device is probably going to loved by hikers and the like, and it presents additional information such as longitude, latitude, elevation and more. Moreover, if you are using it a lot, you can drop the compass on your Watch face.

Speaking about the hardware, this year’s update offers lot of customization options. According to Apple execs, there are about a thousand possible combinations of customization options. You will also see new ceramic and titanium materials used. Apple launched a ceramic white Watch several years ago, so this is not something completely new. That said, it does look a bit different from the previous one. Users of the old ceramic Apple Watch will likely appreciate the same advantages: a unique look and feel and perhaps better scratch resistance.

The titanium material may not make a big impression as you have to look closely to actually distinguish it from stainless steel, apart from somewhat different coloring. Compared to the shininess of the stainless steel, it has more of a brushed metal feel.

Keeping the new materials or customization options aside, the Watch’s design looks similar to that of the series 4 from last year. It’s offered in the same two sizes as well.

However, the major feature that dominates the Apple Watch series 5, is an always-on display, something that is already present in many other wearables. Apple is surely playing catch-up here, however, the implementation seems neat. When you are not looking at it, the watch’s screen brightness lowers but the time and other stuff is still readable. Tapping it or raising it increases the screen brightness for easier readability.

Apple says despite the integration of this new feature, the Watch will have the same battery life as previous year’s model. That is partly made possible as the new LTPO panel can vary the refresh rate on the fly, depending on what you requite it to do at any given moment. It can work at 1Hz, 60Hz, or anything in between.

On September 20, you can get the Apple Watch series 5 from the Apple Store and you can pre-order now, starting at $399.

Source Link: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/09/apple-watch-series-5-hands-on-software-is-king/

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