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A Glance At Apple’s Seventh-generation iPad


Although there wasn’t much talk about it at today’s keynote, Apple has uncovered a new 10.2-inch iPad, the seventh generation in the company’s long line of tablets. This means that Apple has ditched the last 9.7-inch model, a size which once prevailed in the iPad line.

Like the device which it replaces, this new 10.2-inch tablet supports Apple Pencil input, though the writing tool has to be bought separately.

However, this time, the entry-level iPad also gets Apple’s Smart Connector, letting you snap on Apple’s $159 keyboard folio, which also comes as a separate product. The screen is astonishingly bright. At 500 nits it is comparable to a new flagship iPhone but it used to be only on high-end notebooks. This tablet comes at $329, less than even most low-end laptops.

You can pre-order the new iPad today, with shipments starting September 30th. As mentioned, it costs $329, however if you want LTE as well, then the base price increases to $459. The built-in storage spans from 32GB to 128GB.

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