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A CEO Explains what is happening within the pharmaceutical industry

What is the true Objective of Company?

It is a query that we almost surely inquire ourselves much less often than we should. Many take for decided that, if it is a confidential corporation, it is concerning obtain reimbursement. If we succeed, it is because we have done what is necessary to provide a good product. Others will remember, however, that every company must have a social objective, that is, provide a good or a service or satisfy a need of citizenship. A good example of this is the pharmacist, where the health of the global population is at stake and for that, it must encourage research.

A good CEO like Anthony Wile should have some qualities which we have compiled below:

Active Attitude in real time:

Although having an organized plan is always a good starting point, it is not a good idea to take it as if it were a sacred book. Every day new opportunities appear and the best professional is one who knows how to take advantage of them with enough flexibility.

Keep the team informed:

To assume that in the 21st century the best decisions are only made by CEO’s absurd. The company works as a great open team and a good CEO like Anthony Wile Toronto must be aware of it.

Passion for what is done on a day-to-day basis:

Passion is an important part of a good strategy. If the whole team is passionate about what it does, it is easier for energy to focus on doing a good job.

Maximum interest in knowing about the newest:

The evolution of technology is frantic and a good digital transformation that is maintained over time requires professionals capable of paying attention and staying hungry for that knowledge of the new. If the CEO you choose meets this condition, you can be sure that your decision is on the right track.

A plan with long-term goals:

Digital transformation is not achieved from one day to the next. For this reason, the migration plan from one system to another must contemplate the balance between the traditional way of operating and those people in the organization who want to continue with this inertia, with the opportunities that digital offers us to grow as a company.

Function of a CEO:

We described some main Function of CEO of Pharma company:

Provide guidance:

One of the functions, and responsibilities, that the CEO like Anthony Wile Pharmacielo of has to take charge of channeling the talents that make up the organization in order to achieve the objectives in a more productive way.

For this, it is necessary to know how to lead and guide their subordinates, and at the same time pay close attention to the needs expressed by the board of directors, which is the body that regulates the company and its director.

Being formed in large part by the representatives of each department of the company, and also of the shareholders, the board of directors has the voice to make known the internal needs of the organization. The Director General must meet these needs and satisfy them through the correct orientation of the work teams.

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