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6 Simple and Practical Digital Marketing Tips, Shared by Experts

Internet Marketing

At the beginning of August, it took place the Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2019 (EIMS2019), which brought together 1,000 SMEs in Malaysia who received the tutelage and knowledge shared by 37 digital marketing gurus. This event was organized by Exabytes and the DotAsia Organization.

In the words of Exabytes CEO and founder, Chan Kee Siak, “there are more tools and techniques that we need to learn and discover, in order to stay innovative and remain outstanding in terms of digital marketing.” He also stood out the great importance of maintaining a good service level, managing feedback and rating.

Up next, I’ll share some of the most practical lessons learned from this event, shared by the industry insiders.

1. Content is not about length, it’s about relevance.

Regardless of the type of content produced, whether they are email headers or product descriptions, you should never forget who your customer is. The content must be relevant to the public that receives it, and you should pay attention to the recipient of that content.

For Suresh Sakadivan, Regional Head of CRM for Fave, “the content should be the voice you hear from your customers, and not what you want to communicate. Listen to your customers, and based on what you hear, create content that resonates with them”.

2. Step 1: Be authentic. Step 2: Repeat step 1.

If there’s something that many digital gurus have preached in recent years, it is authenticity. This has to do with how effective the content is to make people not only think about the brand, but feel something for it.

For Dr. A.J. Minai, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Subture: The Brand Storytelling Agency, the key is to connect with customers, and in order to achieve this goal, storytelling is essential.

He cited as examples large corporate brands such as Petronas or Maxis, who in their campaigns near the holiday seasons publish ads with emotional touchpoints, instead of promoting offers or products.

According to Minai, the best type of marketing today is caring about your client. You have to care about what people feel and want in the market, and put value as a priority.

3. The best content doesn’t come from you.

For Suresh, of Fave, the content doesn’t come from the brand, it comes from the audience. “Users will listen more to customers who use your product. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have huge traffic, you have your social platforms. Make it engaging. People associate your brand through the way others speak about you.”

Another key recommendation by Suresh is to act immediately in case of dissatisfaction with your product. “It doesn’t matter if the comments are bad, address the problem honestly and don’t keep quiet,” he said.

4. Ignore data at your own risk.

One of the most heard phrases: A/B testing. It consists of testing two different variables and, according to data, deciding which one works best. With the right data you can scale your marketing efforts as profitably as possible, but you have to be prepared to test and try over and over again.

For Emily Tan, Marketing Lead of Klook Malaysia, it’s important to try and learn. “We still test and experiment continuously. Within the team we say this phrase a lot: fail fast and fail cheap”, said.

5. Don’t overcomplicate your key message.

For Rachel Tan, Marketing Lead of Shopee, it’s crucial to focus on one key message at a time in each campaign. “There should be only one, you don’t want to dilute it. Look for ways to amplify it: social, influencer or online marketing. ”

On the other hand, Wong Weng Wai, Marketing Manager of iCar Asia, summed up the idea in another way: “There’s a simple rule that I follow: CSR, consistent, simple, relevant. Make sure the content is published on a constant basis in all your social channels. Do it in a simple way to make it easy to digest. And keep it relevant, make the content fit well to the public.”

6. Always remember the human touch.

According to Emily Tan of Klook, as humans we crave connection. For her, it is essential to take advantage of offline events to promote an online action, such as going to the website to buy an article or reading an article in a blog.

“Let’s not forget the face-to-face interaction with our customers and stay in touch with them, speak to them and find out their painpoints”, said Emily.

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