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50 First Dates Movie Review


50 First Dates is perhaps one of the best movies starring Adam Sandler. Henry Roth lives in Hawaii and spends his time seducing women who visit the island because he will not have to commit to them. One day he meets Lucy Whitmore. They hit it off and the next day, she does not recognize him. He discovers that she suffers from short-term memory loss and everyday he tries to win her over again.

The film is unique and shows true love. Henry, a good-looking and charismatic male could choose to be with virtually any female that he wants but he chooses Lucy. Henry’s character undergoes changes in the movie. The film starts with him coming across as a playboy but by the end of the film, we admire him. He sacrifices his dream so that he can be with Lucy and helps her to overcome her troubles.

Lucy is surrounding by a good support network which includes her father as well as the staff at the local diner. They are dubious about the motives of the guy who claims that he loves Lucy and is willing to start over with her every morning.

Henry has to show Lucy a videotape every morning to remind her about what she missed after the accident which caused her to memory loss. She cannot remember anything since after the accident happened. Eventually this leads her to conclude that it will be unfair for Henry to have to do all of that every day and she proposes that the two of them break up.

The movie was an experiment for Sandler. He reveals the warm side of his personality and leaves behind his anger, hostility and gross-out humour. The film is a good one and it is something different from Sandler.

Source Link: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/50-first-dates-2004


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