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50/50 Movie Review


50/50 is a unique movie in that it is not a typical Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordan Levitt comedy production. It is actually an hilarious comedy movie which revolves around a main character who is battling cancer. The movie is actually based on a true story, yes…really.

Will Reiser who wrote the movie was diagnosed with a malignant spinal tumour. Ironically, Rogen who plays Reiser’s friend in the movie is really a friend of his. Gordan- Levitt plays Adam (the Will character) who is a producer at NPR in Seattle. Rogen plays Kyle (the Seth character) with his signature wit and touching gravity. Gordon-Levitt shaves his own head in the scene where Adam decides to cut of his hair before chemo is started.

Adam sees on the internet that the survival rate for his illness is 50%,After realizing this, Adam’s overbearing mother Diane offers to take care of him but he declines her offer as his girlfriend Rachael offers to take care of him. Gordan-Levitt did a good job as the main character in the movie and created a likeable character who makes you feel sympathy with him. The main rapport in the movie is between Adam and Dr Katie McKay (Anna Kendrick) who anyone can tell is a better fit for him than Rachael.

Kendrick was authentic in what was her first romantic role The movie consistently forgoes drama in favour of comfy digestibility. The scenes with Adam, his mother and father who suffers from Alzheimer’s provides some sincere emotional healing. However, this movie should have used a lot less care as it was meant to be and is a comedy.


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