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5 Phrases Today’s Leaders Should Consider Using

As the work landscape continues to evolve, so does the relationship between team and team leaders.  Having a career still involves professional growth, but with that said, team members also want to have a voice.  And all that starts with communication.  Teams work best when they are able to brainstorm and use their creativity and judgment to solve problems. They want to feel like an integral part of the organization and, at the same time, they want to be recognized for their hard work. 

The best leaders know it’s part of their job to help their team grow and evolve.  Although different leaders will have their own unique, go-to phrases to motivate and inspire the individuals they lead, there are a few expressions or phrases that stand out. 

Here are 5 effective phrases that can advance your leadership skills and offer a positive experience to those you lead.

1).  I trust your judgement.

What that really means is, “I believe in you, now go ahead and make it happen.”  Telling someone you trust them will only further bridge the gap between that manager/employee stigma.  The phrase also benefits you because it’s safe to bet that your team will work even harder to get the job done correctly.

2.)  What I heard you say is…

Best-selling author and executive coach Wendy Capland explains this powerful little phrase is clarifying. “It’s a technique for how you listen to people as they’re describing a problem or situation. You’re repeating it back to them.”

Capland adds that this phrase has two purposes.  First, you’re checking for accuracy, making sure that you properly understood what the other person was trying to tell you. Secondly, the phrase can be used to validate what others have said and let them know that you have heard them, and value their feelings and thoughts.

3.)  What does the team think?

As the owner of a real estate development firm in Toronto, Sam Mizrahi dedicates much of his success to the team of people around him.   

“Teamwork and productivity are connected.  They go hand-in-hand.  There’s no denying the importance of teamwork in an organization to grow your business,” explains Sam Mizrahi.

Asking, “what does the team think?” reminds people that the leader’s involvement is not the only element that matters. The phrase can also help remind team leaders of the importance of listening to your team and incorporating their ideas.

4.)  Well done.

Although it may sound a bit cliché, sometimes this phrase makes a larger impact than “thank you.”  People like to hear exactly what they did that was great and the reason for it.  They will appreciate the time you took to recognize their efforts instead of only acknowledging that the task or goal was completed.  Go the extra mile and tell them, well done!

5.)  I have your back.

It’s certainly happened to all of us at work – we made a mistake.  If one of your top employees does something in error, it’s nice to reassure them: “I’ve got your back.  We will fix this together.” 

It’s natural for workers to imagine the worst case scenario, so in these times, step in with some reassurance.

When it comes to developing leadership skills, it’s natural to want to lead by example.  However, it also makes sense to use your words and phrases wisely, especially when your team is looking to you for direction or reassurance.

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