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Internet Marketing

4 Useful Tips to Build Your Career as a Freelance Digital Marketer

Internet Marketing

Nowadays, one of the best paid remote work niches is digital marketing. It is expected that, as long as the expense in digital marketing by companies continues to increase, the compensation remains high.

It is estimated that by the end of 2019, global spending on digital advertising will increase to $ 333.25 billion, and that by 2023 it will reach $ 517.51 billion. A good part of these budgets will be destined to hiring the best digital marketers, both in-house and on an ad hoc, on a freelance basis.

Do you want to become one of the best digital marketers? Find below some useful tips to take your career on the right way.

1. Check your mindset quickly

Working as an employee, surely you got used to following instructions given by your boss and doing your job from there. Now, working as a freelancer, you must be more proactive and take initiatives.

While it’s true that there will be customers with a solid strategy in mind, you’ll find others who will need your experience to develop a digital marketing strategy from scratch, or your suggestions on what would be the best strategy for your business.

This will lead you to face new situations all the time: fix the possible disaster left by the previous manager, research and test new tactics, suggest experiments, convince the client of why your advice will work better than what he initially proposed, among others.

On the other hand, you must work on your self-confidence and assertiveness. You may feel the so-called “impostor syndrome” in the early stages, but don’t give in to it. Keep in mind that your success will be defined by your internal competence, and not by external factors or outside opinions. Focus on doing your work the best you can, without getting obsessed with perfection.

2. Choose the right direction

In digital marketing there are many sub-disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), conversion rate optimization (CRO), content marketing, email marketing, pay per click (PPC), and more.

If you have worked in-office, you may have covered several of these sub-disciplines at the same time. But as a freelancer, the ideal is to choose a specialty and focus on it. So, instead of spreading superficially in several areas, you will have a real domain in a specific area.

For Dani Owens, CEO of Pigzilla, “being a specialist in a certain area has its advantages: you can develop your brand and personal authority more quickly, attract better customers and command higher rates.”

3. Set up your website and publish a “signature offer”

Every digital marketer must have a portfolio or a website. Otherwise, how could you show to your potential customers what you can do? The best thing you can do is invest in a website from the beginning, gather testimonials and comments from previous employers and colleagues, and have social media presence. Thereby, you will have several ways open to attract potential customers.

Also, you can create and publish a “signature offer” on your website. What does this consist of? It is a simple and value-packed service that you can offer to potential customers. An example would be: “Discounted 2-hour SEO audit for $150. Only available for new clients.” Using that kind of offers can help you to start a relationship with a new customer, and make it grow from there.

4. Network a lot

Finding your first jobs as a freelance digital marketer will be the most difficult. The best thing you can do is be proactive from the beginning, and make your name known before leaving your office job. Here are some suggestions about it:

• Join and participate in niche marketing communities. Some of the most popular are Growth.org and Moz.

• Send cover letters to people you’ve engaged with online. Tell them about what you are doing, and ask if you can be of any help on their companies or projects.

• Contact colleagues and friends from previous jobs. You can ask them to publicize your services or provide referrals within their companies.

• Do offline networking. Mingle with the crowd at your local co-working space, and attend events and workshops where you can connect with other professionals and possible prospects.

Last but not least: appeal to your digital marketing experience. Just as you promoted your clients’ businesses, do the same on your own name.

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