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4 Life-Changing Technologies in The Future


During the last 100 years, Technology has become one part of our daily routine and it is changing and progressing every day. During the next 20 years, we might be able to see flying cars and robots that do the chores for us. Have you ever thought that what kind of new technologies we might see by 2040 that will change the concept of technology?

3D Organ Printing

Currently, 3D printing has become one of the most interesting and helpful technology in the field of medicine. Although this technology is still limited to implantable devices things like replacement knees and hips, specialists are trying to improve this technology every day.

By improving this technology we expected that surgeons will be able to create transplant organs on-demand with the patient’s own cells. By using the patient’s own cells, there will be no organ rejection and using immunosuppressing rejection drugs.

Nowadays, researchers are working towards creating 3D printed blood vessels and they believe this technology can save up to 21 people’s lives every day by creating other organs by 2040.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Facebook and Elon Musk are both working on new brain-machine interface technology which can make things like social media and surfing the internet hands-free. This new technology can also help many patients with neurological damage and allow them to communicate in real-time by analyzing their brain activity.

Currently, these technologies require brain surgery to work by using the surgically implanted electrodes to read brainwave activity. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is trying to use a robot that uses a laser beam to get through the skull instead of using a drill. Currently, brainwave sensing technology is progressing and expected that by using this technology the brain-computer interface will be possible without the need for surgery by 2040.

Moore’s Law

In 1965, the co-founder of Intel announced that every 18 months or so, the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double.

According to this theory, scientists would have to make circuits smaller than a single atom of hydrogen by 2050.

In 2018, researchers who were looking into quantum computing created the first single-atom transistor by suspending one atom in a gel electrolyte. They believe that these quantum computers will be more common in the future and replace the transistor-based computers that we use nowadays.

Electric cars

During the next 20 years, electric vehicles will become popular due to Air pollution by Fossil fuel. We anticipated that 57 percent of new cars will be electric By 2040.

The manufacturers have already sold around 2 million electric cars in 2018 and they expected to sell 56 million by 2040. They believe that by using electric cars, gasoline, and diesel-powered car sales will decrease from 85 million a year to 42 million worldwide.

Source Link: https://innotechtoday.com/life-changing-technology/


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