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$15 Million Raised for a Software That Reduces Errors/Noise in Quantum Computing Hardware


As the development of Quantum computing gains pace, software makers across the board also increase their efforts to provide robust programming framework to accommodate the new and powerful computing hardware technology. Therefore, in the efforts to do so, an Australian startup Q-CTRL has designed a software firmware for quantum computers and other hardware which will dramatically reduce the chances of errors and extensive hardware-noise.

The company has successfully raised $15 million in its round of funding to introduce/expand its quantum computing firmware in the US market. Q-CTRL, which is a quantum-computing software development firm based in Australia, has designed its remarkable software that will be able to identify potential errors in a quantum machine before they can impact the performance of the hardware. This will remarkably help quantum machines to work consistently and reliably for longer duration.

The software firmware by Q-CTRL will also be able to enhance quantum sensor’s performance. The startup has announced today of its successful procurement of $15 million in the US funding of their venture. With its software, Q-CTRL is aiming to resolve issues that are basic yet quite critical to the overall success and implementation of quantum hardware in the real world. To give you an easy and basic overview, quantum computers can execute commands and calculations which goes way beyond the scope of standard computing devices that we use generally. Quantum computing directly enhances and benefits such fields like biosciences, cryptography, geo-exploration, etc.

Currently, quantum computing hardware is mostly unstable during performance, owing mostly to their rigorous processing, which in turn creates subsequent noise and processing errors. If these issues can be fixed easily, the potential possessed and proffered by quantum computing will know no bounds in the near future.

Source Link: https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/10/q-ctrl-quantum-computing/


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