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12 Tips To Grow Organically On Instagram

If you already have an account and want tips to grow organically in Instagram, read this post until the end we have separated 11 tips to grow organically in Instagram!

If you are reading this post, it is because you have already understood the difference between real followers and paid followers.

To have real results, more than numbers, you will have to have engagement and interaction. And this is only possible, if you get followers that have been conquered in a real way, or as we call in digital marketing: organically!

To do this, have dedication and put together a strategy. So let’s go to the tips, then this text will grow non-stop organically in Instagram.

Tip 1: Create a visual identity

Creating a kind of “visual tag” in the content and even the color composition of the photos can help you win followers organically on Instagram.

That’s because when followers see your posts, they’ll recognize that pattern and understand that it’s the standard for a particular account. This can make them feel like following your account on Instagram.

It’s as if you create a visual identity in the photos and in the feed, that the followers identify you and that arouses interest.

Tip 2: Be Authentic

We are at a time that being different is good! Do not get caught up in what others will think, let go of the imagination!

In Instagram being different and authentic is good because it draws attention to you and your style. It can be a way to stand out and grow organically on Instagram.

Tip 3: Choose a good name

Choosing a good name for your Instagram account is essential! And more than that, make sure this name is available on other social networks.

This makes it easier for people to join you on other social networks, because it will search for a single name and find you on all social networks.

Tip 4: Put Relevant Information Into Your Biography

Putting your first and last name in your social network biography brings you closer to your followers and gives you more credibility.

As Instagram does not have as many characters available for biography, summarize its activities, but put the relevant information in your Instagram biography!

Emojis can help you save character and make information more visible and clean.

Put contacts, email, link to other social networks and your main skills.

Tip 5: Comment carefully

If you liked the photo of someone or the video, comment that you liked, for the person to know that the photo pleased and is legal. But comment carefully, avoiding rudeness, criticism and your opinion if she was not asked and looking offensive!

Another detail is to take care not to comment “too” on other people’s photos, looking like chase. It’s not cool to comment just by commenting and making generic comments.

Make good comments and you’ll get two interactions that helped you grow organically on Instagram.

Tip 6: Be an Expert on Your Theme

Seek to know a lot about the subject that interests you. Watch movies, read books, and search for the history of your niche.

So people will realize that you really master the subject, so you’re likely to gain followers organically on Instagram. That’s because people will see you as an inspiration or an expert on the subject!

Tip 7: Ask questions

And who does not like to answer a quick poll? Post interesting posts or ask a quick question in the caption. This helps to win followers organically on Instagram why do they participate.

Another way to ask questions is by using the Stories, opting for polls, which also have good engagement.

Tip 8: Answer in a legal way

If you have received a comment from your follower, always try to respond! Avoid automatic responses like thanks or emojis.

To generate more traffic organically, you can respond in the most personal way, this will bring you closer to your follower.

Another practice we indicate is that you visit that person’s profile and I reciprocate kindly commenting on a photo of her.

Tip 9: Tell True Stories

Instagram Stories is a great way to tell your stories and show more of your day to day. Causing ID will help you grow organically in Instagram.

Get out of that “utopia” of showing everything perfect and show a little bit of the true story of reality behind the scenes to your life.

Tip 10: Put you in the photo

If you take a picture of a landscape, put it in the picture. This gives more visibility, more comments, and more likes.

We are not talking to you to take selfies of everything, but to compose with the photo of an authentic way.

Tip 11: Choose your hashtags well

Putting hashtags brings more audience. But that’s not why you’re going to put anything.

To generate traffic organically in Instagram do a search and place directed hashtags. We advise you not to exceed 10 hashtags, although Instagram will allow 30.

Tip12: Place location in your posts

If you have visited some interesting place place the location in your post. When you search the place, your markup may appear because of the location!

If you make a legal post, the follower may even be interested in visiting your profile. So adding the posting location is a way to gain followers organically in Instagram.

With these various ways to win followers organically on Instagram you can already increase your followers. To learn more about Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter!

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