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How To Rank First In Google

How To Rank First In Google and Google News for Online Casinos
How To Rank First In Google and Google News for Online Casinos

Ranking first in Google News is a lifelong journey. If you’ve just written your first news article, you’re probably proud of yourself. Unfortunately, Google isn’t proud of you quite yet. This article will explain to you how to make Google proud, and how to make them angry. Hopefully, you’ll stay away from angering them. This is unwise and will set you back quite a few years, if not dollars. If you’re under the impression that coming up with some great phrases will get you to rank first, you’re wrong. Those days have been over for quite some time. It takes technical know-how, hard work, and especially relevancy to even make it to Google’s news section. 

When you submit your news article to Google, it goes through an inspection. If you’re simply recapping news that’s already been written about, you’re far behind already. Your news must actually appear to be legitimate to a Google publisher. It’s not just a matter of winning a search engine bid to get your article to the top of the heap. If you have no authority to write about the topic, or lack credibility altogether, chances are it isn’t newsworthy to Google. It’s important that your sources are airtight, and that you got it right the first time. Google isn’t the kind of company that will allow you multiple revisions. They have a huge log of work, and they don’t have time for games. 

Submitting a story that’s fresh, relevant, and newsworthy is critical. This will get you in the running in the bidding war that ensues. After your article is approved, it’ll then have to rank in placement in the search engine. Submitting articles with photo and video have a much greater chance of success. It also means that you have a chance of being featured across multiple sections of Google. If you submit a video, you’ll also appear in the video category. Exposure is everything online. Nobody has time to be searching beyond the first page, and most web users simply won’t bother. 

It’s important that your company or organization is reputable. Google will take the time to check out your website, don’t be fooled. If you have so many pages and graphics that the reviewer gets annoyed, your chances of having any credibility could be seriously undermined. A simple website that is for the purpose that it claims it’s for and functions the way it’s supposed to will get you far ahead of the game. 

Google themselves will educate you for free. That’s right, you can take courses where Google will teach you exactly how to get to the top in rankings. These “secrets” are exactly the same information that search engine optimization companies are trying to sell you on. Spare yourself thousands of dollars and take the courses yourself. Google AdWords and Google Analytics are self-study courses that will prove to be a free and invaluable resource. Everything else is a product of your efforts and will come in due time.

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