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RoboForm Discount: AppSumo launches lifetime deal for RoboForm for a limited time. One can create and secure automated logins with RoboForm. What is Roboform? RoboForm is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses.

Buy RoboForm Lifetime for Just $49

Why you want RoboForm

Roboform helps you create and store complex passwords, so your business never has to sacrifice security or productivity.

That’s right. You won’t be wasting time guessing or resetting passwords because they’ll all be kept in RoboForm’s secure cloud — a cloud that has never been hacked.

With RoboForm, businesses can easily onboard all employees, delegate permissions, deploy security policies, assign credentials, and view reports.

You can give employees/contractors access without sharing passwords. (You can never be too careful nowadays!)

RoboForm uses end-to-end AES256 bit encryption for secure password creation, storing, and sharing. (It’s basically the Fort Knox of password protection.)

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What’s included in this deal

  • Lifetime access to the Roboform for Business Plan
  • Password manager and generator
  • Up to 5 users
  • Secure folder sharing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Dual step authentication
  • Sync across all devices
  • Centralized employee onboarding
  • Centralized policy deployment
  • Role-based access permissions
  • Advanced reporting
  • And much more!

How much you’re saving

Typically, five licenses would cost you $150/yr.

But you, my friend, can get lifetime access to five licenses for just $49!

Buy RoboForm Lifetime for Just $49

(Pssst! All licenses must be used in the same company account.)

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  1. The Statement that Roboform has “never been hacked” seems a bit disingenuous since this seems like a blurb for a company that is just getting launched?

    What I would rather read is a statement about WHY they won’t get hacked compared to Dashlane, Lastpass, or other common password management software. I would like to know what security measures and technology or HOW they work differently to provide better protection, make it easier to share access without compromising security, and make it easy to use.

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